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about us

Beyond Cooling was founded in 2013 by our CEO Alan Cheung. With nine years of experience under his belt from his time with PJM & Sons, Alan sought greater and bigger challenges - committing himself and our family here at Beyond Cooling to excellence, dedication and good inspiration.

Since 2013, Beyond Cooling has serviced families and businesses across all of New York City and Long Island. We associate our success thus far with our drive to foster and build continuing relationships with those around us in tandem with our ability to provide exceptional service and maintenance to all our customers.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why Beyond Cooling?
    Beyond Cooling was founded in 2013 to surpass the market standard. We are practiced in solving your HVAC problems critically and exceptionally while simultaneously charging competitive and honest rates. Our intuitive employees are skilled in evaluating and repairing any complications your HVAC unit may encounter, all within a reasonable time frame. We take the industry standard to the next level - we go Beyond.
  • How quickly can my problem be fixed?
    We at Beyond Cooling completely understand just how uncomfortable a broken air conditioner can be, especially on a hot and humid summer day. That's why we aspire to bring comfort back to your home or office as soon as we can. You can expect a timely visitation to your unit within two to three business days but a fulfillment of your request can vary depending on the scale of necessary work.
  • Do you have a visitation fee?
    Any visits conducted by a Beyond Cooling employee for troubleshooting or consulting services will be accompanied with a $200 charge.
  • What will happen if I encounter any persistent problems?
    Beyond Cooling goes to great lengths to ensure that your appliances function to the best of their ability. If you encounter any ongoing problems with your machinery after our specialists have completed the job, we will launch an investigation for a second look free of cost. If discovered that the root of this problem is independent of the work we previously completed, we will have to charge for additional maintenance and repair. However, if the problem appears to be the result of our own error or of our equipment's error, then Beyond Cooling will gladly take responsibility and attempt to rectify the error free of charge.
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